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Competitive Research


An in-depth review of your top 10 competitors online.

  • What are they doing to outrank you in the search results?
  • Where is their traffic coming from?
  • How are they attracting traffic to their website?
  • What can you do to your website to outrank them?

If you understand how your competition is reaching the top position in the search results then you can make changes or add information to your website to beat them. This Competitive Research service provides an in-depth report on how you are tracking against your main competition online.

It’s a numbers game and armed with the right information you can take your website from nowhere to the top.

One of the main benefits of this service is it identifies the gaps between your website and the sites at the top position in the search results. We give you actionable insight and a follow-along list of things you can do straight away to boost your site position against your competition.

Some of our customers have taken these reports and with some minor changes to their sites have outranked the competition which leads to more traffic, and ultimately, more sales. couple this with a site audit and your website will start climbing the ranking results in no time.

This is a very straightforward report with zero fluff. It’s packed full of actionable insights that if implemented will help you dominate the results.

We look at content quality, site setup, backlinks, local listings, and overall site health and identify why your competitors are beating you to the top.

A recent customer took this information and turned around a 3-year-old site that was generating zero traffic into a site that is now getting hundreds of targeted customers a month right to their services pages.

It goes without saying that if you can understand how your competition is succeeding online and replicate their efforts you will see similar results with your own site. We take this competitive research to the next level and give you the info to overtake them altogether.

You can utilise one of the many amazing grants available to you for this work. The Trading Online vouchers system allows for 2 vouchers for qualifying companies. The first one can be used to build and launch your website - the second one for strategy and growth.